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Are you looking for a floor that combines stylish appearance with proven durability? A resin floor offers a resilient and seamless solution for both domestic, office and retail interiors. Whereas traditional floor materials might lack on aspects as comfort and warmth, we use polyurethane for a comfortable and warm floor. Others features of our resin floors:

+True colors

+Seamless finish

+High bearing capacity


+Wear resistant

+Dust- liquid repellent


+Numerous colors available

Our team of skilled professionals enjoy many years of experience installing resin floors and will gladly provide assistance and consultation with choosing the right resin floor for your interior. During the consult we take all aspects into consideration: your personal wishes, technical and practical factors such as the sub-floor and regulations regarding floors in your industry.

Another important consideration is the installation process, as well as ongoing maintenance and repair. Polyurethane flooring is considered the most difficult to work with, while epoxy takes the longest to fully cure. Resin flooring is an optimum choice for many industries, whether the primary requisite is ease, durability, longevity, hygiene or a combination of factors. Selecting the best resin flooring for a project begins with a thorough determination of current and future use and requirements.

Located in SE Michigan and covering All of Michigan and the Midwest, Shot Blasting Services Of Michigan INC is your concrete solutions company. We are committed to the best technology along with premiere product quality, and excellence in service. Our many years of experience allows our customers the ability to create the most attractive and durable flooring for their needs.

Whether your project is residential or commercial, a new build or a renovation, SBS Contracting is the right flooring company for you. We say yes to your requests— What you want and when you want it. We believe in, and deliver, hassle-free customer service.

Highly trained installers will implement your design specs so the Completed project is exactly what you desire. Our goal is to be the kind of company that people want to work for, customers want to buy from, and suppliers want to sell to.

Working with SBS Contracting to provide your flooring system will increase safety, higher sanitation levels, lower maintenance costs and of course, a beautiful and durable floor to walk on every day.

Contact us today and ask about the following service options:

+ Non-Slip Flooring
* Decorative Quartz Flooring
* Concrete Patching
* Concrete Repair
* Industrial Epoxy Flooring
* Mastic Removal
* Metallic Epoxy Flooring
* Airplane Hangers/Parking Garages
* Clean Rooms +Diamond Grinding

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